Crafting a Compelling Narrative: Techniques to Engage Funders with Your Mission and Impact

Clarify Your Mission

Understand Your Impact

Examine Your Audience

Build Emotional Connection

Incorporate Data and Success Stories

Call To Action for Funders

✅ Review the language on your website and annual report…Is it clear and compelling? 

  • If yes, pull that language for consistency and use it in your grant application. 
  • If not, take the opportunity to refine the mission statement and overall message using the points above. 
  • Be sure to update EVERYWHERE, grants, website, newsletter, etc.

✅ Start Measuring Impact to demonstrate why your mission is important…

  • If you measure your org’s impact, that’s great! How often is the information evaluated and by whom? 
  • If not, who from your program team can start collecting important data to show impact? 
  • What metrics are important to the leadership team and your Board? Start small, choosing just two or three data points to track. Be sure to collaborate across your organization to ensure they are the right ones.

✅ Get those testimonials! Are you capturing stories that are inspirational and heartfelt from your constituents?

  • If yes, great job! How often are you updating those stories? Be sure the information is updated at least annually for a fresh perspective.
  • If not, task someone from programming (they usually have their ear closest to the ground) to collect a broad range of voices and lived experiences to use for grant applications. Better yet, build a library!




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