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We utilize a membership model designed for organizations ready to expand, streamline, and build momentum in their grant funding initiatives. Focused on driving grants return on investment, our membership options were thoughtfully built with enough flexibility to meet the unique needs of each client and enough process and consistency to drive efficiencies and maximize the value of our partnership.




This foundational service, paced at one (1) project per month, is ideal for organizations seeking to establish or enhance their grant funding framework.






Save $1000




This expanded service, paced at two (2) projects per month, is ideal for organizations seeking to build upon the success of their grant program.






Save $1000




This growth-focused service, paced at three (3) projects per month, is ideal for organizations who are ready to scale their grant program to meet more ambitious fundraising goals.






Save $1000

*Schedule a call with us if your organization needs more than 36 projects per year


Choose the projects that best suit your needs

We offer 5 types of projects for you to choose from! Customize your membership to match the needs of your organization.

Proposal Creation & Narrative Writing (includes editing, proofing & grant submission)

Grant Template Creation

Budget Creation & Format Editing for “proposal ready” budgets

New Opportunity Research & Prospect Vetting

Outcome Measurement Mapping


We find that the organizations with these criteria have had the most success with us

*Preferred but not required

<$1M in Revenue

5+ years 501c3 status

Audited financials (w/in past two years)

Board-approved development plan

Proof of HQ and constituents served in U.S.

25%+ of revenue comes from Grants

CRM reporting capabilities


We find that the organizations with these criteria have had the most success with One Degree Impact: 

  • <$1M in Revenue
  • 5+ years 501c3 status
  • Audited financials (w/in past two years)
  • Board-approved development plan
  • Strategic plan & reviewed regularly
  • Proof of HQ and constituents served in U.S.
  • Development Director on Staff
  • 25%+ of revenue comes from Grants
  • Clear articulation of target funder + messaging
  • List of vetted and/or historical funders
  • CRM reporting capabilities

*Preferred but not required

While we offer a monthly membership with no contract, we do like to be in a long term relationship with our clients. The grants world can be slow, so a client with a short term mindset, often makes it challenging to build a long term relationship. The majority of our clients stay with us for many years, others move on once they have reached the point of success where they feel comfortable hiring someone in house. If there comes a time where you prefer to hire someone on staff, we would be happy to help to accelerate your growth in conjunction with your in-house hire.

We measure ROI (return on investment) vs. success rate (period) That number is more meaningful to the business of the organization, and what we believe grants and fundraising work should be based on.

Data has proven that our track record of strong ROI for our clients, has shown to increase over time because of our strategy and processes as opposed to others who submit excessive proposals and are awarded smaller grants and consider any award amount part of their success rate.

This will depend on how well educated your organization is in the world of grants and the staff on your team that is empowered to strategize, review and approve the information we provide. Ideally, we work as part of your organization’s development team, where marketing plans are in place to streamline your message and how you present yourselves to the world (including grants!). This ensures that we stay consistent within your brand identity and how we communicate your programming across the board. Our clients should prepare to commit anywhere from 1-5 hours per week on cultivation, reviewing edits, providing revisions, preparing budgets, responding to emails from our team and attending to required monthly calibrations via Zoom, etc.

One Degree Impact integrates our grant expertise and is a valuable resource for your team’s “ latest and greatest” proposal pipeline. We efficiently and effectively communicate our Research research findings, proposal project details and strategy information through our proprietary portal which serves as a hub for all client information. We work thoroughly on monthly projects (which are ideally submitted by month’s end) and can take anywhere from 3-5 weeks to complete. Clients are expected to respond with requested feedback on projects within 2-3 business days. Our team has the capacity to work quickly based on the needs of the project, but we also require that clients keep the lines of communication open.

We look at opportunities as cold, warm and hot. It is a requirement that clients come to us with a certain amount of “ warm and hot” leads and we will opportunity vet those leads. We do cold research in both of our memberships but we do not have access to any magical websites or foundations that are not an open source. We are not reinventing the wheel, just streamlining the process.

We do! We use our proprietary portal to manage projects for clients which is effective for warehousing documents, grant tracking and future planning. We also alleviate the administrative burden of funder reporting with a painless process of sifting through clients’ collections and grant outcome measurements to fulfill the funder’s requirement to submit a written a report.



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