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???????? A Moves Management Strategy is an Essential Tool to Propel Resource Development ????????

Having a moves management strategy can solve several problems with your resource development & funder cultivation plans because it turns them from dust-collecting documents that you only look at once a year and turns them into actionable steps to help drive your organization towards its goals. Here are some key challenges that can be addressed through effective moves management:

???? Lack of donor engagement: a moves management strategy provides a structured approach to engaging donors and building meaningful relationships. It ensures that donors are consistently and strategically connected with the organization, increasing their involvement and commitment.

????️ Inconsistent communication: without a moves management strategy, organizations may struggle with inconsistent or sporadic communication with donors & funders. This can lead to missed opportunities and a lack of stewardship. A moves management strategy establishes a systematic framework for regular and personalized communication, ensuring donors receive timely and relevant information.

???? Limited donor retention: donor retention is crucial for sustainable success in resource development. A well-implemented moves management strategy helps identify and prioritize donors with the potential for long-term support. It enables organizations to track and understand donor behavior, preferences, and motivations, allowing for targeted cultivation efforts that enhance donor loyalty and retention.

???? Inefficient fundraising efforts: a moves management strategy provides a structured approach to prospect research and solicitation. It helps organizations identify the most promising prospects, determine appropriate ask amounts, and tailor fundraising approaches based on donors’ capacity and inclination to give. This improves the efficiency and effectiveness of resource development efforts, resulting in higher engagement metrics.

???? Inadequate donor pipeline: organizations often need help developing a robust pipeline of prospective donors & funders. Moves management facilitates proactive identification and cultivation. By systematically tracking interactions and engagement levels, organizations can identify potential donors at various stages of the cultivation process and develop strategies to move them toward major gifts or ongoing support.

???? Lack of donor-centered approach: a moves management strategy emphasizes a donor-centered, relationship-focused, approach to resource development. It focuses on understanding donors’ motivations, preferences, and interests, enabling organizations to align their fundraising efforts with donors’ values and priorities. This leads to more meaningful relationships, increased donor satisfaction, and greater philanthropic support.

???? Limited coordination and collaboration: a moves management strategy encourages collaboration and coordination among fundraising teams, departments, and volunteers. It establishes a shared understanding of donor & funder relationships, objectives, and strategies, fostering a cohesive and integrated approach to fundraising. This helps eliminate silos and ensures that everyone involved in the fundraising process is working toward common goals.

????Key Takeaways????

A solid moves management strategy addresses challenges related to donor & funder engagement, communication, retention, resource development efficiency, pipeline development, donor-centeredness, and coordination. By implementing this strategic approach, organizations can enhance their resource development outcomes and build stronger, long-term relationships with their donors & funders.

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