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Maximize + Streamline Resource Development For Your Organization



We collaborate closely, creating and delivering a focused, user-friendly program that mines your existing data, to connect the relationship dots and bridge your organization's funding gaps.



Your custom dashboard helps harness your org’s data to prioritize funder relationships, leverage your team + board, better project your fundraising success, and drive your organization towards its goals.



Unleash the power of your relationships, enabling efficient fundraising, substantial growth, and delivering your organization's impact with precision and effectiveness.

Changing the Future of Fundraising for the Better.

Resource Development GPS

It’s time to change the system of fundraising. For too long, organizations like yours have been struggling to make a bigger impact because of an inflexible system and lack of metrics to effectively measure results. This antiquated system is not benefitting grant seekers or grantees. But times are changing, and a new way of resource development is emerging to meet the needs of the modern nonprofit. We have a vision of a future in which our world's problems actually get solved. Our services are designed to streamline the fundraising process making it easier and more efficient for you to focus on changing lives, instead of the complex paperwork and red tape that currently take your time and attention away from that goal. Our expert team will tailor fundraising strategies to the unique needs of your organization. Because we believe in innovation and the big picture, our partnership will accelerate funding and your organizational growth for years to come.

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An Industry Leader since 2003

One Degree Impact (formerly known as Williams Grant Writing) was established in 2003, and has helped hundreds of organizations develop and execute a strategy for success with our nationwide team of experts. Over the years, we have established innovative, technology-based tools and systems that help best position your organization in the resource development funding process.

Our Services

Resource Development GPS
work with us 1:1

Dedicated Account Manager Access Management Tracking Tool up To 3 People in Your Organization (Tool Build + Dedicated Management) become-a-member A Collection of Donor Outreach Templates & Effective Verbiage (Tool Build + Dedicated Management) ic-growing 6 Virtual Sessions with Expert Led Team (Tool Build + Dedicated Management)
We’re your strategic funding ally, bringing expertise and passion to boost your funding opportunities. Let us handle the guidance your organization requires, without the burden of extra costs or management efforts.


Make a bigger impact, faster.

We believe that the fastest, most powerful way to change lives is through human connection, an abundant mindset and innovation. We are able to develop deep relationships with organizations across the nation, leveraging the brain power of our experienced team all while embracing technology to help us efficiently serve you.

Industry Expertise

Clients have trusted experts at their fingertips! Our amazing team was vetted and selected because of their diverse experience and passion for a human-centric experience where relationships drive opportunity.

Agility and Ability to Move Quickly

We leverage our client's donor data to most efficiently focus efforts, ensuring that they can stay focused on the big picture. With 20+ years in the industry, we have developed the optimal streamlined processes that makes the fastest impact on resource development!

Capacity Extenders

We are a fractional resource development firm that will complement any internal team already working on scaling fundraising ROI. Our service options allow for growth and adaptability for any organizational needs.

Enough of us,

Hear from our clients directly:


We find that the organizations with these criteria have had the most success with One Degree Impact: 

  • 3-5+ years 501c3 status
  • Audited financials (w/in past two years)
  • Board-approved development plan
  • Strategic plan & reviewed regularly
  • Proof of HQ and constituents served in U.S.
  • Development Director on Staff
  • Clear articulation of target funder + messaging
  • List of vetted and/or historical funders
  • CRM reporting capabilities

*Preferred but not required

RD GPS runs for a minimum of 6 months. In order to be eligible for add-on services (grant writing, narrative support, etc.), RD GPS is the pre-requisite. The majority of our clients stay with us for many years, others move on once they have reached the point of success where they feel comfortable hiring someone in-house. If there comes a time where you prefer to hire someone on staff, we would be happy to help to accelerate your growth in conjunction with your in-house hire.

We measure success by your organization's return-on-investment (ROI) with One Degree Impact.  The key to ROI success is based on the strength of your relationships/ the number of funding opportunities. We find that the stronger the funder relationship regardless of revenue type, the greater the ROI.  

The first three (3) months we will hold bi-weekly virtual sessions for 90 minutes. In between each session you can expect 1-2 hours of action-taking 🙂 The following six (6) months, we will hold accountability calls, as-needed, and have office hours for RD GPS tool integration. Ideally, we work as part of your organization’s development team, where marketing plans are in place to streamline your message and how you present yourselves to the world in addition to RD GPS tool integration. This ensures that we stay consistent within your brand identity and how we communicate your programming across the board. Our clients should prepare to commit anywhere from 2-4 hours a week throughout the 6 month period. 

One Degree Impact integrates our expertise and is a valuable resource for your development team’s efforts. Our new Resource Development GPS tool has a custom-built curriculum which is catered to the specific needs and bandwidth of our clients. Our team has the capacity to work quickly based on the needs of your org, but we also maintain clear deadlines and require that clients keep the lines of communication open.

We both do! We use our proprietary, tech-enhanced tools and systems to manage projects for clients - from warehousing documents, fundraising project tracking and future project planning. 

Don't miss out on funding opportunities!

You don’t have to be distracted from changing the world simply because you don’t have the time or resources. We have worked with hundreds of nonprofit leaders over the past two decades to develop a successful resource development program. Let us help you!

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